Lyndhurst Baptist Church known in the foundation deed as Ebenezer Chapel was founded towards the close of the seventeenth century. Although 1700 has become the official founding date, there is evidence that the church could  have been established any time after 1689. The church was a child of those troubled and hazardous years of the 17th century, when, despite the power and wrath of the State, dissenting fellowships gathered to worship and serve the Lord, according to their Bible based convictions as to the truth and redeeming power of the Gospel.

The present building (apart from the porch area built in 1984) was erected in 1848 and represents the third building on the site. Of the first building there is practically nothing known. The second structure was built in 1755.

The dawn of the 19th century brought very lean years for the church and in 1827 the records indicate that there were only 2 members and one of those was ill! This was however a turning point and by the end of 1828 the membership had risen to 11. A new vestry was built in 1841 and the membership had risen further to 41. The church leaders were so encouraged by the influx of new life and very conscious of the inadequacies of the old building, decided to erect the building which was opened on November 7th 1848. The church facilities were further enlarged in 1892 by the addition of  a schoolroom at the rear of the church to accommodate a growing number of children attending the Sunday School.

Since its foundation 21 Pastors have ministered to the church fellowship maintaining a continuous witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the capital of the New Forest.

In 1998 the church opened a new church hall comprising of a large main hall, extra meeting rooms and a fully equipped kitchen. This building replaced the old hall which was built in 1950 which had become structurally unsound. In the year 2000 the church celebrated its 300th Anniversary with services led by Dr. Tony Sargent. Principal of The International Bible College, Glasgow.

In 2002 a decision was made to completely refurbish the interior of the church including the provision of comfortable chairs in a carpeted worship area. At the same time it was decided to sell the old Manse and purchase a more modern house nearby to accommodate the Pastor and family.

The church seeks to remain an effective witness to Jesus Christ in an ever changing world.

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